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The Midea 20L Dehumidifier reduces moisture and controls air humidity to maintain a dry and comfortable home environment, being the largest capacity in our range, it can efficiently extract up to 20 litres of moisture a day from your environment, perfect for those experiencing damp room conditions and wanting to prevent mould occurring. With 4 intelligent modes to choose from, you can operate this dehumidifier to suit your specific needs. Enjoy a comfortable and dry environment when you return home, its 24hr timer allows scheduled run time so you can set it and forget it!

Not only does the 20L dehumidifier tackle condensation and humidity, it also gives you fresh and healthy air due to its advanced filtration system. Its handy drying mode allows you to dry your laundry whilst saving you money, space and time. When using a dehumidifier the air surrounding your wet clothes becomes less humid allowing moisture within the clothes to evaporate quickly, resulting in shorter drying times.


Midea's 20L dehumidifier operates quietly at a maximum 45dB allowing for a quiet operation and when the water tank has reached maximum capacity it will cease operation and alert you to empty the 3L detachable tank. To empty the tank without any hassle or for continuous draining, simply use the convenient 60cm drainage hose. The design includes 4 wheels allowing easy movement without the need for heavy lifting.


Midea 20L Smart Dehumidifier - MDDF2-20DEN7

£205.00 Regular Price
£179.95Sale Price

Quantity Discount - Order 2 or more for 5% off

  • Specification:

    • Panel: White
    • Easy-to-move, 4 caster wheels
    • 4 mode control; Normal, continuous, smart & drying mode
    • Built in timer control
    • 3 Fan speeds
    • Ionizer: Improved Air Quality
    • Drainage pipe (60cm)
    • Hepa Filter
    • Standard 13 amp plug
    • Energy Rating: A
    • 360W
    • Standby Mode
    • Low Noise Design
    • Auto restart
    • Extracts up to 20L of moisture from the air


    R290 eco-friendly refridgerant ensuring energy efficent cooling.

    Dimensions (H x W x D) - 510x350x245mm

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