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The Midea 10L portable dehumidifier effectively removes excess moisture from the air, helping to tackle mould, odours and mildew. It features an auto defrosting function, meaning the unit can successfully operate in low temperature environments, it's clever functionality prevents the evaporator from freezing when exposed to cold, damp conditions, perfect in spaces such as a garage or conservatory. It operates quietly at a maximum noise level of 45dB,  creating comfortable conditions even during the night. Place this dehumidifier in any cold, damp room and it will combat up to 10 litres of moisture from its surrounding environment. When the 2 litre water tank is full, the unit will immediately cease operation, ensuring no overflow from the tank and notify you to empty it, a 60cm drainage pipe is included so you can empty the tank without any hassle or use it for continuous draining.  The compact and contemporary design also includes a convenient handle and four wheels allowing the unit to be moved between rooms with ease.

Midea 10L Eco Compact Dehumidifier - MDDN2-10DEN7

£162.00 Regular Price
£144.95Sale Price
  • Specification:

    • Panel: White
    • LCD Display
    • Easy-to-move - practical handle & 4 wheels
    • Ionizer: Improved Air Quality
    • 1 Fan speed
    • Auto defrost function
    • Visible water level
    • Drainage pipe (60cm)
    • Standard 13 amp plug
    • Energy Rating: A
    • 350W
    • Standby Mode
    • Low Noise Design
    • Auto restart
    • Extracts up to 10L of moisture from the air


    R290 eco-friendly refridgerant ensuring energy efficent cooling.

    Dimensions (H x W x D) - 420x320x215mm

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