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Introducing the Premium Midea Portable Air Conditioner - your perfect cooling solution for rooms up to 32m2. This powerful unit has a maximum cooling capacity of 9000 BTU (2.6 kW) and an energy rating of A, which means it's not only efficient but also cost-effective. With a duct length of 1.5m and window kit included, it's easy to set up and use.


The Midea Portable Air Conditioner comes with a range of features to ensure your comfort. You can control it with ease using the included remote control, or take advantage of the unit's Wi-Fi connectivity and voice control via Alexa or Google Home. You can even download the Midea app to control your air conditioner from your phone.


The unit has a motorized air flow direction flap that allows for continuous oscillation and stops in a predetermined position. Plus, with the sleep function, you can set a switch-off timer to automatically stop the product after a certain operating interval has elapsed. The automatic restart feature ensures that the unit restarts with the settings previously in use in case of a power failure.


This Midea Portable Air Conditioner is equipped with swivel wheels for easy movement and transport. The unit is self-evaporating, which means there are no trays to empty under normal use. With a standby power consumption of only 0.5W, this unit is energy-efficient and eco-friendly.


You'll enjoy peace of mind with the manufacturer's 3-year warranty, which you can extend by filling in a form and sending it back to the manufacturer. Take advantage of the included accessories for window connection, which allow you to connect the air discharge pipe in a wall hole or a window.


See for yourself why the Midea Portable Air Conditioner is the best specification portable in the UK. Watch our product videos to learn more about this powerful and convenient unit.


(See the cooling calculator if you need selections help)




Duct Length: 1.5 m

Window kit included: Yes

Timer: Yes

Remote Control : Yes

Energy Rating: A

Maximum cooling capacity: 9000 BTU (2.5 kW)

Dimensions (H x W x D) : 720x435x342 mm


Please note: This portable includes WiFi App and Voice support via Amazon Alexa,

Google Home and other platforms.


3 Years manufacturers warranty - Just fill in the form and send it

back to the manufacturer for an extended 3 year warranty


Voice Control via Alexa & Google Home - "Alexa set my room to 22 degrees"


Automatic restart: In the event of a power failure, the unit restarts with the settings

previously in use.


Auto Swing: The air flow direction flaps are motorised and controllable in continuous oscillation and stop in a predetermined position by a button


0.5 W Stand By: The power consumption of the unit is equal to 0.5 W.

This allows great energy savings.


Accessories for window connection: A series of accessories for connecting the air discharge pipe in the wall hole or, through a special sliding guide provided, on a window.


Self Evaporating:The condensate water generated is disposed of by the hot air expelled outside the room. - No trays to empty under normal use.


Swivel wheels: Swivel wheels for easy transport and movement.


Timer: The timer function allows you to set a deferred switching on or off time

with intervals up to 24 hours.


SLEEP function: This function allows to enable the switch-off timer which allows the automatic stopping of the product after a certain operating interval has elapsed.


Please see product videos to learn how this is the best specification portable in the UK.

Midea Portable Air Conditioner, 9000 BTU MPPFA1-09 Wi-Fi

SKU: AC04-0000806
£449.95 Regular Price
£349.95Sale Price

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