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Comfee UK PSTI

In order to protect our customers, FG Europe UK Ltd will provide at least 3 years of security update support for our company products from the date of release. If you believe you have discovered a security or privacy vulnerability that affects the equipment, software, or web servers of FG Europe UK Ltd, please report it to us. We welcome anyone to report issues, including security researchers, developers, and customers. FG Europe UK Ltd will quickly and cautiously address security vulnerabilities in our products or services. We will take necessary measures to reduce customer risks, provide timely information, and provide vulnerability fixes and mitigation measures needed to address security threats in the equipment, software, or web servers of FG Europe UK Ltd.



*For certain models, we may support security updates for an extended period depending on the situation. If a very serious security vulnerability is discovered, we may still be able to provide you with the necessary security fixes, even if your device has reached the end of its security life.

The vulnerability reporter can submit potential security vulnerabilities to FG Europe UK Ltd through the emergency response email.

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