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10% Discount Test

Question 1: YES OR NO
Will a portable air conditioner be more efficient if ALL of the warm ducted air is removed from the room? 

Question 2: YES OR NO
Will a portable air conditioner cool down a room more efficiently if windows and doors are sealed, with less warm outside air allowed to enter the room?

Question 3: YES OR NO 
Is the portable AC unit you are considering for purchase large enough to cool down the size of your room?
(Check our cooling calculators a
nd product data sheets

Using the above answers submit your discount code.
i.e discount code: YESYESYES or NONONO
or any combination you believe to be correct.
Answer ALL questions correctly for
10% additional discount. 

If you are unsure about the answers give us a call or watch the video below to learn how best to stay Comfee.

8 Star Steps to Stay Comfee 

3 Quick Steps To Stay Comfee

TIP 1 > Work Out Your Room Dimensions
WHY? (Larger Rooms = Need More Cooling)
TIP 2 > How Will The Warm Air Duct Leave The Room
WHY? (More Air Out = More Efficient Cooling)
TIP 3 > How Will The Warm Air Not Return To Room
WHY? (Less Air Back = More Efficient Cooling )
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