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Comfee By Midea Premium Portable Air Conditioner, the ultimate solution for keeping your room cool and comfortable during hot weather.

This 2.6kW, 380m3/h, 9000 BTU MPPFA-09 model is designed for room sizes up to 32m2, making it perfect for any small to medium-sized space.


With a duct length of 1.5m and a window kit included, the Comfee portable air conditioner is easy to set up and use. It also features a timer, remote control, and an energy rating of A, making it both convenient and cost-effective.


What really sets this portable air conditioner apart is its advanced features. It comes equipped with Wi-Fi capabilities and voice control through Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and other platforms, allowing you to control the temperature of your room with a simple voice command. The automatic restart function ensures that the unit


(See cooling calculator if you need selections help)




Duct Length: 1.5 m

Window kit included: Yes

Timer: Yes

Remote Control : Yes

Energy Rating: A

Maximum cooling capacity: 9000 BTU (2.5 kW)

Dimensions (H x W x D) : 435x342x720 mm


Please note: This portable includes WiFi App and Voice support via Amazon Alexa, Google Home and other platforms.


3 Years manufacturers warranty - Just fill in the form and send it

back to the manufacturer for an extended 3-year warranty


Voice Control via Alexa & Google Home - "Alexa set my room to 22 degrees"


Automatic restart: In the event of a power failure, the unit restarts with the settings

previously in use.


Auto Swing: The airflow direction flaps are motorised and controllable in continuous oscillation and stop in a predetermined position by a button


0.5 W Stand By: The power consumption of the unit is equal to 0.5 W.

This allows great energy savings.


Accessories for window connection: A series of accessories for connecting the air discharge pipe in the wall hole or, through a special sliding guide provided, on a window.


Self-Evaporating: The condensate water generated is disposed of by the hot air expelled outside the room. - No trays to empty under normal use.


Swivel wheels: Swivel wheels for easy transport and movement.


Timer: The timer function allows you to set a deferred switching on or off time with intervals up to 24 hours.


SLEEP function: This function allows to enable the switch-off timer which allows the automatic stopping of the product after a certain operating interval has elapsed.


Please see product videos to learn how this is the best specification portable in the UK.

Comfee Portable Air Conditioner 2.6kW 9000 BTU MPPFA-09 Wi-Fi

SKU: AC04-0000544
£449.95 Regular Price
£349.95Sale Price

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  • CLICK HERE to download the product data sheet for more information on this equipment.

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