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Air Conditioning Cool Test

Take our Money-saving cool test to understand the difference
between air conditioning and an air cooler

Air Cooler Test

Step 1: Point your 2 index fingers directly in front of you like you are making goalposts. 

Step 2: Suck your right index finger. (don't worry no one is watching) 

Step 3: Blow very hard on the right-hand index finger. (Feel cool?) 

Step 4: Blow very hard on the dry left-hand finger (Feel warm?)

Step 5: Keep blowing on the right-hand finger until it is dry. (cooling effect gone?)

The reason the cooling effect is gone is that you have removed the moisture, the room temperature didn't change, your finger just felt cooler for a few moments. ​If all you need is the feeling of air movement and the temporary cooling effect, brought by some water or ice, (evaporative cooling) then you will be happy with an air cooler. 

Air Conditioner Test

Step 1: Pour 2 glasses of water

Step 2: Put 1 glass of water inside the fridge and leave it there for 1 hour. 

Step 3: Leave 1 glass outside of the fridge (Extra points if you blow into it for one hour)

Step 4: In one hour take a drink from each glass, the water that is cooler has benefitted from the refrigerant cooling process.  

Step 5: Congratulations if you blew on the warm water for an hour.  Guess what? it isn't any cooler, in fact, you probably made it warmer. 

You should now understand the benefits a real air conditioning product can offer and how this can only be achieved by a compressor, refrigerant, and fan. Not just a fan in a box.

As a thank you for taking the time to understand the difference between a  fan and an air conditioning unit please enjoy a £10 discount code "RealCool". (£250 Min Spend)

If you still want an air cooler knowing that this product will not reduce the room temperature, then we have just saved you hundreds of pounds.

Comfee' is the brand name of home appliance air conditioning equipment made by the Worlds largest manufacturer of air conditioning products.  

We do not make air coolers, they are not air conditioning products. If you want an air cooler please pay no more than £100 for a nice-looking water/ice holder with a fan.

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