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Whilst you wait for your unit to arrive, please double check your order to ensure the product you have selected is the correct cooling capacity (units size) for your room dimensions. Buying a unit that is not big enough to cool your room is the most common mistake when ordering air conditioning products. We have a great cooling calculator on our website to help ensure you have made the best possible selection, please take a look. If you have chosen a unit that is not big enough for your room, no problem. Please just cancel your order within the next hour and we will ensure it is not despatched.


Please also ensure you have made allowances for how the warm air will leave the room via the duct. Keeping this warm air from re-entering the room is the best way to keep your room super cool and Comfee. Please watch our online set up videos for great advice. 

If you have placed your order before 3 pm Monday to Friday, we will begin to make arrangements to deliver your portable product the very next working day. In the unlikely event of your product receiving damage during transportation please refuse to accept the delivery. 

We hope you enjoy our product and if you do have any questions or concerns, we are here to help, please give us a call or drop us a message.

Thank you for your order! Team Comfee.

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