Midea 20L Compressor Dehumidifier.


Please see product videos to learn how this is the best specification of dehumidifier in the UK.



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  • Wifi Enabled - Connect with WIFI and run the unit through the 'Midea Air' App
  • 3 Years manufacturer’s warranty - Just fill in the form and send it back to the manufacturer for an extended 3 year-warranty
  • Low-noise Design - The noise level is as low as 39dB
  • Automatic restart - In the event of a power failure, the unit restarts with the settings previously in use.
  • Smart Dehumidification - Automatically control room humidity in a comfortable range 45%-55% according to room temperature, which inhibits bacteria growth
  • Swivel wheels: Swivel wheels for easy transport and movement.
  • Timer: The timer function allows you to set a deferred switching on or off time with intervals up to 24 hours.
  • Water level Indication Transparent water indication on the front of the unit
  • Overflow Protection Midea smart dehumidifier will automatically turn off once the water level is too high and the bucket is ready to be emptied protecting you from water damage.


Full Specification can be found here

Midea Premium 20L Dehumidifier

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£154.99Sale Price
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