The payment of £66 is your installer refunded reservation fee and not the installation or purchase of your equipment.


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After paying your reservation fee a Comfee installation partner will confirm arrangements to fully install a Wall Mounted Air Conditioning System at your convenience and at the prices advertised on the Comfee UK website. The F-Gas installer will supply and commission your Comfee Air Conditioning system including all necessary pipework and materials, (maximum distance between indoor and outdoor unit is 15m for £1795). An additional £30 will be required for each additional 1m of separation between indoor and outdoor unit, this is for pipework, refrigerant and installation costs. All prices include VAT.


Payment plans can be made with your Comfee installation partner from £88 Per Month.



The Comfee air conditioner you have selected will be a size 24,000 BTU model, this is capable of 8.2kw cooling and 8.5kw heating. All Comfee Air Conditioning Products come complete with Wi-Fi, Alexa amd Google Voice connectivity.


A Comfee F-Gas partner will fully install your air conditioning system and correctly pressure/strength test the pipework to ensure it will not leak refrigerant, they will also use a vacuum pump to remove any air borne moisture within the refrigerant system pipework. Dependent on the piping length between indoor and outdoor unit additional refrigerant gas will be added, this to ensure it has the correct operating gas pressure, this is essential in offering optimum heating and cooling capacity.


Skipping the steps highlighted in the above paragraph are the costliest short cuts used to reduce the price and standards of residential air conditioning installations. When these steps are not carried out correctly, they cause a significant loss of equipment performance, increased strain on mechanical parts and significantly higher energy costs, all leading to an inevitable risk of equipment failure in years 1 to 3. Every brand of air conditioning will perform poorly leading to failure if their equipment is installed with an undercharge of refrigerant and/or moisture in the system. If you want to skip these essential steps believing you are getting a cheaper air conditioning installation, PLEASE do not arrange to buy our products. Please always ensure your air conditioning products are installed using a competently qualified F-Gas installation engineer. No FGAS = No Warranty


Once your Comfee F-Gas installation partner completes the installation you can send us a video showing the indoor and outdoor units, including all installation pipework. In conjunction with the installers commissioning report we will then offer you every confidence that the installation standards and operating gas pressures meet the terms of a Comfee 5 Year equipment warranty.


You can then arrange to pay the installer for your new air conditioning system, this amount will be less the cost of your installer reservation fee. i.e. Fully installed price £1795, less your £66 reservation fee = you pay the installer £1729.


Please note: Installation and yearly service from an F-Gas engineer will qualify this product for a warranty up to 5 years. Your installers Annual F-Gas service costs start at £66. 

24,000 BTU 8kW Wall Mounted Air Conditioning System Installer Booking Deposit

  • Please note this price is to book your installation date with a Comfee F-Gas Partner. This is not for the purchase of the air conditioning product. Your chosen product will be purchased by the installer and booking deposit refunded on installation completion.